Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson

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She is one of the most successful female DJs worldwide: Samantha Ronson is the younger sister of popular music producer Mark Ronson and the ex-girlfriend of actress Lindsay Lohan. Although Samantha said it hasn’t always been easy to have a brother who is successful in the music business, she confidently made her way into the industry. Starting by writing her own songs and publishing a few albums, she always deejayed as a side job.

Today, she is best known for her DJ appearances at events such as the New Year’s Eve Party at Times Square, Super Bowl and Sundance Film Festival. While her profession is to make guests have the perfect party, Samantha Ronson also loves to be part of the crowd. Recently she was seen enjoying herself at the Vallure Vodka launch party at the Hakkasan restaurant in Beverly Hills:



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