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  • Patrón Reposado 0,7L (40% Vol.)
    45,90 €
    65,57 € par litre
  • Hennessy VS 0,7L (40% Vol.)
    32,90 €
    47,00 € par litre
  • Patrón Silver 0,7L (40% Vol.)
    44,90 €
    64,14 € par litre
  • Patrón Añejo 0,7L (40% Vol.)
    46,90 €
    67,00 € par litre
  • Conjure Cognac 0,7L (40% Vol.)
    Produit épuisé
    33,90 €
    48,43 € par litre

Ludacris has partnered with Birkedal Hartmann to create Conjure Cognac. In early 2010, the rap superstar released the mixtape "Conjure - A Hustler's Spirit" dedicated to this new favorite drink.


In DJ Khaled's video "All I Do Is Win" which features the rap star, Ludacris couldn't resist making a little product placement during his part in the video:

Calling such a great cognac his own, the young entrepreneur has good reasons to be happy:


In the music video of his T-Pain assisted single "One More Drink", Sparkling Nuvo is one of the drinks the rap stars are ordering. The song also reveals how Luda likes to drink his Hennessy: "It was friday night and I was feelin' aight, yep, downtown Atlanta, big city, bright lights, mixin' Henny wit the Sprite." The most popular tequila brand among rap stars gets a mention on the song as well: "'cause she started lookin' better every shot of Patrón."


    © Jonathan Mannion

    Conjure Cognac


    Vimeo / DAYO

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